Book Summary Friday, February 5, 2021 NEWS TODAY Latest News in Arkansas Festivals and Events Association Issue #21 Survivor The

Book Summary Friday,

February 5,

Latest News in Arkansas Festivals and Events Association

Issue #21


The latest updates

Through the year of 2020 we were hit

internationally by the power of an invisible

enemy. Something that weakens or tries to

harm something or someone by being

concealed from sight. This invisible enemy

is known as COVID-19.

“You don’t just think outside the box, you

don’t even know there is a box” this to me

makes we think that we are so familiar to

living in the same box then poof our

familiar box is just gone.

COVID-19 is a virus that has awoken our

nation and changed our lives radically. This

virus has become a physical, mental, and

health battle for many. It is our job to RISE

Up and FIGHT ON against it.

We aren’t defeated we are what they call

Survivors. Anything thrown at us we will

overcome. Perhaps, COVID-19 is morally

distancing us but important to unify

ourselves to keep on keeping on in the fight

against this infectious disease.

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Rock City Outfitters
Designing a Successful Event – Ryan Ritchie

When starting the design process, you must

think to yourself who are you designing for?

Whether that be inspired based upon the

theme, location, or even hosting a design

contest to get publicity and crowd


Something people often thing when

designing a shirt is keeping it as cheap as

possible. Instead don’t go for the cheapest

shirt available choose a better garment. One

that will have people leaving your event

thinking this is a high-quality shirt. For

instance, I attended an Arkansas Governor’s

Conference and I bought a sweatshirt and

continuously wear it all the time.

What is something that really draws in

people and generates excitement? Something

that is free especially clothing, I mean it at

least does me. Okay, maybe it does Swest


So, when it comes to your merchandise you

need to make that dough. In ways to do so

you could always offer discounts to pre-

orders/large orders. Partnering with local

businesses to sell you designs and split the

prophet. Or being creative going to vendor


Playing with a variety of products teases the

crowd because they think that you can

make any kind of design on any material.

Whether that be a shirt, fanny pack, bobble

head, and especially the most popular item

this year face masks.

Continuing the excitement, setting up old

merchandise from previous years makes

people think they are getting a one-of-a-

kind deal. Have a hashtag and have people

tag your place of business to get word out

that you can do custom designs.

Wash your hands, Wear your mask, Watch your distance!

Best T-Shirt Award

For the year 2020
Our Sponsor for this Session

What to expect!

Presenter Tammy Pope

Beetles at the Ridge Jorn Holt Arkansas Craft Guild

This shirt was designed to commemorate

an anniversary. The irony in the shirt was

that beetle were wearing masks to

remember the year of COVID-19.

Fairfield Bay Marina right off the Geers

Ferry Lake. Offering spectacular

experiences whether that be fishing,

swimming, or cruising along the water.

Here to exaggerate on her own personal

business, vendor showcases, highlight on

products. Ultimately, she going to talk

about her personal experience.

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Friday, February 5, 2021 NEWS TODAY Issue #21

Attracting & Retaining Artisan Craft Vendors
Arkansas Craft Guild – Tammy Pope

When attending a vendor showcase, you

need to think what set me apart from

everyone else. This is known as event

identity what kind of show are you? Are

you a resale, manmade, or a combination?

Some things to consider when displaying

what you produce is to think about what

will draw the crowd to my booth? Think

about highlighting specific products that

are popular or people haven’t heard of.

Maybe even try displaying information in

different ways.

Walking by a booth in the mall I am

specifically drawn to places that have

activate my five senses. Especially things

that get my taste buds acting up. I am a

sucker for sweets so if you have free

samples of a specific product people are

willing to always try it then potentially buy.

As far as making a living, Tammy is a

maker made vendor she has to take in

consideration what her customers but

staying true to her company values.

She must find support for her small

business, so she attends vendor showcases

to get people familiarized with her product

line and what she has to offer. So, at these

vendor showcases she needs to make her

self-known and a true hotspot for people

to come look at her booth.

Ways of doing that are having a quality

showcase, a great venue, a balance of

product, and willing to buy customers.

To be applicable for showcases you have

to pay for a price for what you want out of

it whether that be paying more for a spot

up front so guests can see you or taking a

hard no.

Meaning you may not get accepted to every

vendor showcase but no does not mean

forever. A good and organized promoter

will always look for a clear, concise,

selective, and fair bunch for their vendor

showcase. For example, people do not want

a ton of the same booths.

Musician Spotlight

The Gravel Yard

A group of people who have a love for

bluegrass music. In recent measures they

have formed a band whose members are

Aaron Farris, Gresham McMillan, Mary

Parker, Matt Clampit, Titus Turner,

Turner Atwell, and Cliff Prowse. The are

all musically and equally inclined on a

variety of instruments and diversity in


In the band they have every instrument

consisting of the banjo, mandolin,

acoustic guitar, bass, violin, harmonica,

and spoons.

A little bit of cool information everyone

in the band is right here from the Natural

State. The band had gotten its name from

playing the square of Mt. Home. It was

picked out by some of the fans. Talk

about true fanatics.

In any kind of event there is a possiblility it will face some severe conditions, last year in Cass’s event management

class Jerry’s Drive thru dog treat event we faced a lot of wind.

Inclement weather Plans
Weather Me This – Chellie Longstreth

With there being multiple discussion

leaders in this round table discussion. I

really wanted to focus in on what Chellie

Longstreth has to say.

I loved what she had prepared for when

spontaneous weather changes happen.

Always being prepared for anything to

happen. When hosting an event, you

always need a backup plan and then

another plan to your back up plan.

Things to consider are the different types

of weather, who is all attending your

event, and to enjoy the weather at your

event no matter what.

Say your event is the middle of Arkansas

heat and people have decided to bring

their dogs to your outdoor concert. You

need to have doggie poop bags, water

bowls, or treats because even animals are

a guest at your event.

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Friday, February 5, 2021 NEWS TODAY Issue #21

Awakening Events

Dan Fife

Just like the song lyrics to Scottie

McCurry “Time went by the clock don’t

stop”, you must keep moving forward and

thinking of new ideas to keep your

business going and yourself occupied.

Dan is continuously building relationships

making his concerts, stand up comedies,

and talk shows known by influencers like

Joey Tran. Joey is a true Fanatic he loves

being behind the scenes of concerts and

live events. He had been caught with

Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Toby Mac,

and many others.

As Dan continually grows in his career, he

is implementing a Hits Deep Tour

starring Christian artist Toby Mac. This

tour will have eighteen different shows

located in thirteen different cities. In fact,

one of these spectacular shows will take

place in Little Rock, Arkansas. Of course,

tickets are limited because the arena is

following COVID guidelines and staying

socially distance.

Recently, may favorite event was the Chris

Tomlin K-LOVE Christmas Live Concert

but with the twist of being virtually online.

Mirjam Nilsson

The Word of the Year


A pivot is a central point or shaft on

which a mechanism turns or oscillates.

We depend on the pivot, which is a turn

in events. After all we have been through

this year, we need a change.

Interesting fact the word Pivot was made

famous in an American Sitcom called

Friends. Ross Geller made it into an

iconic phrase that is now said in humor.

What reativity to rethink events, in the midst of a

pandemic hosting drive-in theater tours. Hosting Toby

Mac, News Boys, Tim Hawkins, and maany more of

your personal favorites.

To reinvent himself Dan Fife took events

to a whole other level. Through the year of

2020 he felt inspired drive-in movie

theaters that were showing movies because

it was COVID friendly and people

wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of their

cars. Unless you must go number two,

anyways he stole idea and made it his own

building stages and having a huge parking

lot was your best friend. Imagine trying to carrying this couch up a stair well in a
New York City Apartment building. Just Remember to

always PIVOT.

Mirjam Nilsson

Bruised, Battered, & Still Carrying the Torch
2021 AFEA Conference

When you are thinking of survivor your mind automatically goes

to the TV show “Survivor” which is a contest show where people

come to compete for prize money. They are stranded on a

deserted island and much try to survive. The contestants must

use their minds to strategize and what tools they would have to


First off draw a map, basically meaning do your homework.

Create a budget, research your follower engagement, what is

your content, does your mission align with what your audience

feels. Use your resources, get out and talk to others.

What is your course/trail, be smart with goal setting, be specific

and up front. Also always have a timeline, make it fits your

overall plan. Look for ways to build, find ways to work together,

engage with local partners, and this will set you up for the win.

Carrying the torch something that is monumental and

rememberable. This makes you stand out amongst your

competitors but unifies the island. Once one person rises

everyone rises. Just like the saying rising tides raise all the boats.

Not just one person for the win but everyone for the win.

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Friday February 5, 2021 NEWS TODAY Issue #21

CityChicLiving – influenecer Alexandra Nicole

Make Your Festival or Event Insta-Famous
Social Media Platforms

Mirjam Nilsson

Today we like to be in the know of any

kind information. Where is that

information accessed through perhaps

word of mouth, gossip, the internet, or

even social media. The information

people like to stay updated right now

seem to be politics, but the younger

generations thrive off what is new, hot,

and fresh.

When talking to Alexandra Nicole, she had some fantastic

insight on how to market. With her personal experience she

loves collaborating with locals, doing giveaways, branding,

blogging, and working a budget. In more detail Alexandra has

something a platform she has built for herself on Instagram and

a personal website. She is family friendly and that is a good angle

to work with. Being a young mom, she doesn’t have time for an

office job she typically works from the comfort of her own


Fads is another word for what trending is, right now Tik Tok

seems to be the hot new app for young people across the globe.

The app is enticing and consumes you into watching sixty second

videos for hours in a day. This app is all fun and games, but it’s

become more than just scrolling through a couple of photos and

looking at what your family and friends are up too. That is why I

try to stay away from Tik Tok because it has not only become an

addiction it is an obsession.

Although I am a little crazed over the app most people know

how to handle themselves, like I said most people. My favorite

social media platform happens to be Instagram. It’s a good

mixture between a lot of other media platforms but used by

people my own age no offense Facebook.

Instagram is a good way of promoting online shops and

boutiques and even events like festivals, conferences, or

weddings. Social media has a high targeted rate for reaching a

diverse people. The reason for that is because of influencers like

Alexandra Nicole. A genuine person with a familiar face, people

can look to a famous yet average person and see what her

thoughts and ideas are about a product or event.

Marketers are smart for doing collaborations with influencers to

get their message out.

“Know who your

demographic is and what

they are looking for”
– Alexandra Nicole

Insta – Fame

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