Bimeo Hello, could you please look over this assignment? It has 48 Quote text and 18% grammar. I was checking to see if you could do it tonight. Submission

Hello, could you please look over this assignment? It has 48 Quote text and 18% grammar. I was checking to see if you could do it tonight. 

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Raheem Nixon

Biome and Ecosystem Essay


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Biome and Ecosystem 1

Biome and Ecosystem 1

Raheem Nixon

Grand Canyon University

February 12, 2022


Tina Salata

Biome and Ecosystem

Every biome comprises various environments and assets, which are reasonable for specific

species. While biological systems are the way, the nonliving and living components interact in a

Biome and Ecosystem 1

(Cotter, 2021). Notwithstanding, notwithstanding being the greatest biome in the sea, it’s

experiencing a few factors like contamination also environmental change.

Inside the Pacific Ocean, there are a few cornerstones animal types like ocean otters, starfish,

sharks, furthermore pacific herring. These species inside the pacific sea are fundamental since

they keep different species under tight restraints and keep sicknesses from spreading. For

example, ocean otters can be found in the northern Pacific Ocean, and these animals safeguard

the kelp woodlands’ wellbeing. The thinking is that the kelp gives a few necessities to different

species like food, cover, hunting grounds, and nurseries. Simultaneously, ocean otters watch out

for ocean imps since the species would rapidly take out the key, so to keep that from happening,

ocean otters would eat the ocean imp. An article called Keystone Species 101 states, “Entirety

“groups.” of ocean imps have been known to clear across the seafloor, eating kelp remains at a

pace of up to 30 feet each month and leaving bare ocean bottom afterward. Luckily, ocean otters

are ravenous eaters with the capacity to consume up to 25 percent of their body weight every

day.” Denchak, 2019. Ocean otters will not eat all the ocean imp; instead, they will eat a specific

add up to keep their populace from expanding.

Additionally, ocean otters eat ocean imp and eat crabs, abalone, and other shelled creatures.

Assuming the number of inhabitants in ocean otters diminished, then, at that point, it can cause

the seafloor to be unfilled, and the animals would continue to somewhere else. Thus, the ocean’s

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 Spelling mistake: euphotic  euphoric

 Spelling mistake: disphotic  despotic

 Spelling mistake: aphotic  phobic

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 Spelling mistake: wellbeing  well being

 Passive voice: have been known

climate. Therefore, we must protect every biome since the biological system depends on the

biome; what’s more, the species depends on the environment. If the biome were “safeguarded,

then, at that point, the species would endure since the environment can’t give the essential assets.

There are various sorts of biomes that every species live in, like tundra, desert, prairie,

coniferous timberland, deciduous biomes, tropical rainforest, and oceanic. Coniferous timberland

predominantly comprises long and cold winters, short summers, and weighty downpours.

Deciduous woodland is when nonliving, what’s more, living parts respond to occasional

temperature. The sea-going biome has two classes to separate amphibian animals: freshwater and

saltwater environments. The marine biome contains different zones: euphotic, disphotic, and


The euphotic is the top layer where light should be noticeable, the disphotic zone is where no

light should be visible, and the aphotic is dull. The marine biome is viewed as the greatest biome

due to having five fundamental seas: The Pacific, Atlantic, India, Arctic, and Southern. Inside

the Pacific Ocean, which is a biological system of an amphibian/marine biome comprised of

volcanic action or known as “Ring of Fire,” the Mariana Trench, ‘the mass,’ warm-blooded

marine creatures, coral reefs, and so on There are various pieces of the pacific sea like the north,

south, and west area yet, every area has various degrees of temperature and saltiness. As

indicated by an article from Britannica, expresses “The Pacific Ocean extends from the Bering

Strait to 60° S scope through more than 120° of scope, almost 9,000 miles (around 14,500 km)”

populace will expand, making the natural surroundings not be adjusted. Ocean otters keep an

excellent overall arrangement on the sea depths, so different species can make due. There is an

assortment of animal categories from the K-specific and R particular range in the Pacific Ocean.

For example, whales and sharks are considered K-specific, while fishes and jellyfish are

considered R-specific. Despite having an assortment of animal varieties in the environment, there

Biome and Ecosystem 1

will be species experiencing close to elimination, for instance, the humpback whale, elephant

seal, Acropora globiceps coral, ocean turtle, and dugong. In addition, there are various sorts

regarding the ocean turtle, such as leatherbacks.

Biome and Ecosystem 1

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 Spelling mistake: Denchak  Deck


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