BEHS 103 PROGRESS REPORT Ayleen A. Santos November 28, 2019 BEHS 103 Presentation Progress Report · A well-written paragraph that states in detail wh

Ayleen A. Santos

November 28, 2019

BEHS 103

Presentation Progress Report

· A well-written paragraph that states in detail what your topic is. Be sure to clearly link your topic to

both technology and society/societal trends.

My topic for my final project is the influence of technology on obesity. I have chosen 5 sources that I plan

to argue the positive views, negative views, cultural views, policy referenced, and proof of advancement

in technology affecting their weight. Technology and society/societal trends are both link to high obesity

We will argue that technological change has increased “weight growth by making home- and market-

production more sedentary and by lowering food prices through agricultural innovation. In addition, we

illustrate that, while exercise and food intake are complements, reductions in exercise will always raise

optimal body weight, as will increases in food intake.” My presentation will also characterize how body

weight varies when it comes to income, within the country, and across countries. Explaining thoroughly

of technology’s positive and negative impacts on a person’s weight can change one’s routine with

nutrition and possibly lower statistics.

· A well-written paragraph that identifies the type of presentation you plan to give (e.g. slideshow,

written materials, podcast, YouTube, etc.). Your presentation should be creative, engaging, and

informative. Remember that in the last week of class, YOU become the teachers. Think about your

audience and how to present material in an interesting and clear manner.

My final project will be presented via PowerPoint. While processing my PowerPoint slides, I feel the

presentation will be a lot more engaging as I plan on sliding videos on several countries explaining their

cost of living. I also plan on going deep in statistics that explain the negative and positive impacts on

technology. The goal is to change the minds of those who want to eliminate technology completely and

to help those who are struggling to change their daily routines into something better. When presenting

material, I plan to also include questions that will later be answered as we are going a long into the


· Define your topic, linking it to technology and society: (Slide #4) Influences on obesity when

Technology is in use.

· Trace the history of your topic: History on this topic includes issues with the high rise of upcoming

childhood obesity. While explaining history may be a deem difficult, explaining examples and

scenarios will help. An example would be explaining how less children are in the playground and are

now stuck on video games and becoming less active. Realistic examples can definitely trace a

memory of the audience to when they were highly active and how much it has changed now.

•Describe how your topic compares to at least one other culture: When comparing cultures, I plan on

explaining America’s world of living compared to Japan’s analysis. Using statistic and diagrams, my point

is to explain how American population is more obese than of the Japanese population and why.

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Discussing the imbalance of calorie intake as well as environmental factors can explain the volume of

food consumption. When the learnings of a culture, the small model of society learn to adapt starting as

children. Now, involving technology, there is a blockage of growth.

•Identify relevant policies related to your topic : Policies, laws, and regulations are extremely needed

when the environmental and social changes that will have an impact on increasing obesity.

•Discuss future trends related to your topic: The future trends with this topic is that economic growth

and technological change have huge incentives for long-run growth in weight. With the recent rise in

obesity, the hypothesis that technological change has simultaneously raised the cost of physical activity

and lowered the cost of calories.

1st Slide: The first slide of my presentation will include the topic and of course the title of my final


2nd slide: Table of Contents with explanations and cited sources

3rd slide: Includes Questions/Objectives that will be answered throughout the presentation.

4th Slide: Includes the positive impacts of Technology

5th Slide: Includes the negative impacts of technology; also introducing obesity topic

6th Slide: Obesity and technology in America

7th Slide: Obesity and technology across the country (Japan Example)

8th slide: Obesity/Society influenced by technology (Policy references)

9th Slide: More statistics as to how Technology influences obesity

10th Slide: Video of supporting evidence.

11th Slide: Conclusion/Citations

Questions that will be in presentations : The question becomes whether it truly is the fault of technology

today that is causing this issue to become so prominent or is it the faults of the individuals and their

families? Do the cons outweigh pros that tag along with the ever-expanding world of technology?

Additional Information to argue presentation:

The pros and cons of technological use are very evident and will have a major effect on our society in the

very near future. The issue will be, do we increase technology to the point where physical exercise would

be limited, or do we some way have to figure out a perfect balance between both things in order to have

an efficient society and healthy individuals.

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Courses that will be used to argue presentation:

· Daim, U., Engineering and Technology Management Department, Portland State University, &

Bogazici University. (n.d.). Adoption of health information technologies: the case of a wireless

monitor for diabetes and obesity patients. Retrieved from

· Saarni, S. I., Anttila, H., Saarni, S. E., Mustajoki, P., Koivukangas, V., Ikonen, T. S., & Malmivaara, A.

(2011, April 10). Ethical Issues of Obesity Surgery-a Health Technology Assessment. Retrieved


· deShazo, R. D., Hall, J. E., & Skipworth, L. B. (2014, December 19). Obesity Bias, Medical

Technology, and the Hormonal Hypothesis: Should We Stop Demonizing Fat People? Retrieved


· Clark, R., H., Bissell, & Peters. (2007, April 18). How do parents’ child-feeding behaviors influence

child weight? Implications for childhood obesity policy. Retrieved from

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