Assignment Environmental science homework help


1. Begin this week by downloading 
Epi Info™ | CDC

***Your instructor is using the Windows download. The only platform that is supported is Windows. I highly recommend you use a Windows-based operating system. You may be able to use another OS but you will need to find your own support.

From CDC:

“Q: Does Epi Info work on Macintosh or Linux? expanded


Only the Microsoft Windows operating systems (98, NT, XP, Vista, etc.) are supported. Currently, Epi Info™ does not support Macintosh or Linux. However, there is an open source rewrite project underway that will offer a MySQL database driver to support other non-Windows operating systems such as Linux and Mono.”

2. Watch the tutorial videos: Epi Info – YouTube and read the User Guide | Support | Epi Info™ | CDC

3. For this assignment, you will complete the Epi Info 7 Salmonella Outbreak Tutorial. Download Salmonella tutorial: Tutorials | Support | Epi Info™ | CDC

4. Read the introduction to the Salmonella Outbreak tutorial (pgs. 1-14).

5. Complete lesson 4 (begins on p. 111). NOTE: Make sure to use the correct data set and no filters are applied (there should be a total of 309 reports). 

6. Complete Lesson 4: Student Practice 1 and 2 (pgs. 132 and 155). NOTE: The answers to these questions are in the appendix. Check your work before submitting. 

7. Save your work with all relevant tables (remove training tables not used to answer questions and line lists) as an HTML file (right-select and “Save output as HTML”). See p. 156 for further directions. You must include all tables you made during completion of Student practices 1 and 2. This is critical to your grade. If you do not submit all tables that show how you determined the answers to the questions in the student practices, you will not receive credit for that answer.

8. Submit your work by answering the questions from step 6 above in a Word or PDF doc. Submit both the Word or PDF and the HTML file you saved in step 7 (do not submit .cvs files). For each question, you must provide rationale for your answer. Your rationale should include references to the tables and graphs you attach in the HTML file.

Please note that TurnITIn is used. The score may be high due to the nature of the assignment.

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