Assignment DUE BY ASAP Reflective Summary 1: Choose one of the four video options included in the videos folder. Write a 1-1.5 page (double-spaced) refle

Reflective Summary 1:  Choose one of the four video options included in the videos folder.  Write a 1-1.5 page (double-spaced) reflective summary (not including a the title page). Use 12pt font.   A title page is required and must include:  Your name, student number, date, course code and the title of the video.

This reflective summary should be a discussion of your reaction to the topic and how it affected or changed your understanding of the topic. How does this information impact you as a member of society? We are looking for how your thinking has changed now that you have been introduced to new information.  We are not looking for a re-statement of the facts given in the video.  In your own words, discuss what have you learned and how has it changed your thinking?Answer the following 3 questions:1. What new information did you learn and was anything surprising to you?2. How has this information changed your thinking/opinions about this topic?3. How does this information impact you as a member of society? How will it make you a more informed worker, community member, family member?

Please edit for grammar, punctuation and spelling.   Each video contains the properly formatted citation and this must be included at the end of your reflective summary.  If you provide any facts or statements from another source you must must include the appropriate referencing which includes quotation marks, attributions and in-text citations..    If needed, helpful referencing guides are found by clicking on the Referencing button.   APA format is to be used for referencing .

The Fruit Machine

In filmmaker Sarah Fodey’s documentary, survivors of a decades-long homosexual witch-hunt recount their personal stories of dedication and betrayal at the hands of the Canadian government. Some softened by age and sadness, others loud and angry, the voices of the former public servants targeted in the purge are now united, and determined.APA Citation:Fodey, S. (Director). (2018). The Fruit Machine [Motion Picture]
Second video option

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