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1.Watch the video below (excuse the narration (reading, but with exaggerated expressions!), but focus on the content).  Without getting too political, do you think that the Third Party Payer system is the biggest problem with rising healthcare costs?  If not, what is?  Briefly explain.


2.After reading the article posted below, if you had the choice between going to a Profit or Not-for-profit hospital for treatment, which would you choose and why?  Use points from the article to justify your answer.

 3.  Though Health benefits have traditionally not been taxed, the Affordable Care Act includes a tax on high-cost insurance plans (“Cadillac Tax”, that was to go into effect in 2018 – but later repealed).  What would be the impact of this on individuals? . . . on the Health Services industry?  

4. There are several forms of Business Organizations available in the US. Which forms would be most advantages to which Health services organizations, and why? In your comments try to give at least one or two examples. 

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