Any Organization This memo represents your analysis of the leader observation and interview you cond Business and Management – MEMORANDUM

This memo represents your analysis of the leader observation and interview you conducted. In this
memo, you will make claims and observations about the process and nature of communication
leadership. Specifically, your memo should include the following:

1. Introduction. The introduction should include 1) a relevance statement, 2) a thesis statement, and 3)
a preview statement. Specifically, the relevance statement should indicate why you are writing the
memo. The thesis statement should be your recommendation for the leader to improve his/her
communication skills. The preview statement should give an agenda of the major components included
in your memo. 

2. Organizational background: Describe the organization within which the leader exercises his/her
leadership and the leaders’ role. Explain the  type  and  purpose  of  the  organization,  brief  history, 
and  organizational  structure.    Also, be sure  to  describe  the  role  of  the  leader’s  unit  within  the 
organization  and  the  leader’s  span  of  control  (i.e.,  how  many  people  the  leader  supervises).    In 
short,  you  should  explain  all  aspects  of  the  organization  that  help  clarify  the  situation  and  set 
the  stage  for  discussing  the  leader’s  communication  and  leadership.

3. Analysis: Describe the communication and leadership of the leader and his/her unit from two
The Leader’s Perspective
• What is the leader’s view of the role of communication in the unit?
• What strengths and weaknesses in communication does your leader see within his/her unit?
• What specific means has this leader used to improve communication?
Your Perspective
• From the communication-based activities that  you  have  observed,  provide  your  analysis  of 
the  leader’s  communication  behavior.     

4. Recommendation: Provide  a  specific  suggestion  for  how  the  leader  should  enhance  the 
communication  between  him/her  and  the  followers.  The  recommendation  should  provide 
enough  description  that  the  leader  would  know  what  action/s  to  take  to  improve  communication 
leadership.  Also,  the  recommendation  should  flow  from  a  weakness  identified  earlier  in  the 

Structure Requirement
1. Include a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph (except for the introduction).

2. Support  your  claims  with  data.    You  may  cite  the  text,  course  materials,  and  lectures  as 
primary  sources  of  concepts  and  principles.    Second,  provide  examples  and/or  quotes  you 
recorded  during  your  observation  and  interview  of  the  leader.   

This  memo  should  be  one,  single-spaced  page  with  one-inch  margins  and  11 to 12-point  font.  The 
memo  should  employ  correct  memo  formatting,  including  white  space and headers. 

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