Anatomy And Physiology Click Here to do Heart Rate Lab.html Hello and welcome to the Cardiology Lab Follow the following steps to complete activi

Click Here to do Heart Rate Lab.html

Hello and welcome to the Cardiology Lab 

heartbeat GIF

Follow the following steps to complete activities for this week’s lab. 

1. Copy this link unto your browser

2. Click “Launch Interactive”. 

3.Once you get into the lab, there are three patients, (Patients A, B & C) whose medical histories are presented to you. You are started with any of the three patients at a time.

4. Read all the instructions and follow all given prompts until you are done with the activity. 

5. “Note”: The quizzes contained in the activity are to help you comprehend the activity. The only graded quiz is the Cardiology Post-Lab Quiz here on D2L

6. Once you are done, copy and paste this link unto your browser 

7. Once you copy and paste the link in “6.)” click “Learn” to view and listen to the following ECG wave forms:

   a. “Sinus Rhythm”

   b. “Sinus Bradycardia”

   c. ” Sinus Tachycardia”

   d. All the 2 degree AV blocks

   e. “3 degree AV block”

   f.  “Sinus Arrest”.  

  • ” To test your knowledge you could also play the game”

8. Take the Cardiology Post-Lab Quiz

9. Get a sheet of paper and draw the heart showing the following structures:

a. Right and Left Atria 

b. Right and Left Ventricles

c. Pulmonary Veins

d. Pulmonary Arteries 

e. Atrio-ventricular Valves

f. Semi-lunar Valves

g. Aorta 

h. Pulmonary Trunk 

i. Inferior Vena Cava

j. Superior Vena Cava

k. Papillary Muscle 

l. Chordae Tendoneae

Underneath the drawn heart, in your own words, describe how  de-oxygenated blood becomes oxygenated. Once you are done, take a picture and submit here Heart Anatomy

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