Analyzing News using Sociology Paper

Analyzing News using Sociology Paper

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Students must analyze a current news article about a social problem from a sociological perspective. The news article can come from online news, magazines, newspapers, etc as long as it is a reputable source. Find a social problem that interests you! Students must critically analyze the article using one of three sociological theories: functionalist, conflict, or symbolic interactionist.

Begin by briefly identifying: who is involved, what happened, why did it happen, where did it happen, when did it happen, and what social problem is being addressed.

Then, address the following: how can the social problem be explained using one of the three sociological theories? Be sure to apply key concepts from the theory (use your textbook as a guide) correctly by first defining them and then applying them to the evaluation of the social problem. Consider, how this social problem could be resolved in this situation.

This paper should be 2-3 pages (not including title or reference pages) and written in APA format.  Be sure to cite and reference the article you used.

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