8 Ethical Tests

The Golden Rule Test: Would I want people to do this to me?

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8 Ethical Tests

The Golden Rule Test: Would I want people to do this to me?

The Truth Test: Does this action represent the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

The What-If-Everybody-Did-This Test: Would I want everyone to do this (lie, cheat, steal, litter the school, etc.)?  Would I want to live in that kind of world?

The Parents Test: How would my parents feel if they found out I did this?  What advice would they give me if I asked them if I should do it?

The Religion Test: If I have religious beliefs, how do they apply to this action?  What would a respected member of my religion advise?  Are there any religious texts that I could draw on for guidance?

The Conscience Test: Does this go against my conscience?  Will I feel guilty afterward?

The Consequences Test: Might this action have bad consequences, such as damage to relationships or loss of self-respect, now or in the future?  Might I come to regret doing this?

The Front Page Test: How would I feel if my action were reported on the front page of my hometown paper?

Remember – this assignment is looking for you to discuss, not simply answer the questions. 

Step 1 – Discuss which test of the 8 Ethical Tests do you think you must adhere to.  Your discussion should be at least 500 words in length.  In your discussion, be sure to address each of the following questions.

Which test did you choose?

Why is that test the test you would most rely on?

Why did you choose it specifically over the others?

How would this test impact (or not) your accounting ethics?

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