1272 jm Preparing your final portfolio. There are three components: An introduction that contextualizes the artifacts and accounts for any outcomes no


  • Preparing your final portfolio. There are three components:
  1. An introduction that contextualizes the artifacts and accounts for any outcomes not directly seen in the artifacts. Address the course learning objectives found on the syllabus and at the end of this document. Explain what you have learned regarding each objective that can’t be seen in the writing, but that you understood and applied in the process (2-4 pages).   
  2. Two major projects from different genres (see instructions):
  3. An appendix with samples of writing processes related to the two writing projects.

Final Portfolio Instructions

Every student is required to submit a portfolio of their work each semester. It is comprised of the following three sections and submitted as one document:

1. Introduction: The introduction is a 2-4 page reflection on your writing, but also an account for things learned that are not evident in the artifacts. For example, your writing process and decision making is not always visible in the artifact – the writing assignment.

a. Address each of the following eight outcomes for this course. Explain in your introduction how and what you have learned regarding each of these items. For example, for outcome number 5 you may have learned about different types of evidence after completing the observation log. How did that inform your new understanding of using evidence in writing?

1. Identify the rhetorical features of texts in typical academic and professional genres

2. Adapt one’s writing process to the purpose of a text

3. Compose texts in multiple genres and modalities

4. Identify appropriate investigative methods for research questions

5. Categorize types of evidence used in academic and professional fields

6. Evaluate sources for reliability and validity

7. Articulate the concepts of intellectual property that motivate citation conventions

8. Describe how writing reflects conceptions of significance and worth in various fields

2. Two projects from different genres

a. One of these will be your position paper.

b. The other project could be any of the following:

i. One of the Q&A assignments

ii. The Observation Log

iii. The Memo

3. Appendix: This section should include the following documents related to the two projects chosen in number 2:

a. Three samples of process writing for each project (rough drafts, outlines, peer reviews given and received, handwritten drafts, sketches, brainstorming, graphs, photos – anything that evidences part of your writing process)

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